COVID-19 Re-Entry Plan & Resources

Indiana Academy COVID Safe Re-Entry Webinar

COVID-19 Resources

Resources from the Indiana Department of Health

Student Guidance for Return to School.pdf

Example Of Exposure COVID-19.pdf

Contact Information

Please note, these numbers are a combination of direct office lines and personal cell phones. Not all numbers will receive text messages. Please be courteous and considerate when thinking about what time you are communicating with your teachers. Additionally, it is always a good idea to include your name when reaching out through text message, as teachers may not have you in their saved contacts.


 Baughman, Steve317-984-6585 
 Blahovich, Christina      317-385-5083
 Byrd, Philip 715-563-5328
 Coupland, Karla 317-984-3096     
 Gordon, Andrea 317-984-0070
 Leal, Gracie 317-984-4364
 Leal, Robert 808-388-2753
 Mathis, Tyler 423-599-9226
 McMillen, J.B. 757-474-5899
 Miller, Art 317-385-3291
 Reichert, Jordan 989-807-0602
 Ricci, Adam 707-337-7517
 Riseley, April 909-744-7608
 Shepard, Delynne 317-918-5565